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This gallery has the most beautiful art. The owner, Maryann, has an eye for beautiful art and represents artists from all over Canada, west coast to east coast. In addition to the art the view of Vancouver from the gallery is stunning.

Dr. I. Neufeld, Vancouver, B.C.

I found in Pousette Gallery some of the most vibrant, colourful and “happy” art in all of Vancouver. After visiting about 27 galleries, this gallery is where I bought 5 of the 7 pieces I bought in Vancouver. The selection was beautiful, well presented, in a charming space overlooking the city. The manager was very knowledgeable, polite, and knew when to add insight and when to simply let us observe the space and art. Lastly, we were traveling from Miami. Pousette Gallery packaged, shipped, and delivered the art in a fast, convenient, and price appropriate manner. Everything arrived intact, on time, and is now decorating our walls in Miami. I would highly recommend any art collector to stop by and view the Pousette Gallery.

J.L. Betancourt, Miami, Florida 

I found this wonderful art gallery off the beaten path in Vancouver. I love the art represented because of the bold bright colors (but other styles were represented too). Thanks to the owner, Maryann Pousette, now I know about some Canadian artists and I’m really digging their work. I loved so many of the paintings, but I finally decided on just one which she will ship to me in the States. If you like local or national art and like discovering hidden gems, I highly recommend finding your way to Pousette Gallery. They also have a great view of downtown Vancouver from their adjacent outdoor patio and are walking distance to Granville Island.

C. Sauvageau, San Francisco, California

We have received our new painting and it is in perfect condition. Beautiful piece. It meets all expectations. 

H. Hayward, Newfoundland

Thanks Maryann. I really enjoyed working with you. I can tell you really love art and the joy it brings to people’s lives. Thank you so much for all your help in making it mine. I will be proud to display this piece at my office. I look forward to popping in when I am in Vancouver for a visit and a look around.

P. Schmidt, Quesnel, B.C.

Thank you for entertaining my mom and I at your fabulous gallery… Mom was so impressed with your collection and was already scheming on how I can start collecting … 

D. Callaghan, North Vancouver, B.C.

I loved my afternoon at the gallery with you Maryann and especially enjoyed meeting Jean Claude Roy and Christine. I hope the exhibit has sold well. I will be over to Vancouver at some point and can arrange to pick up my picture. Thanks again for the generous amount of time you gave me.

J. McNeely, Victoria, B.C.

This is the most beautiful gallery space that I’ve ever been!

J. Maguire, Vancouver, B.C.

Maryann and Pousette Gallery are absolutely lovely. I have purchased three paintings from Pousette over the last few years and I’m always excited to see what new pieces and artists Maryann discovers next. She knows her clientele well and her customer service is impeccable. If asked, Maryann will give her honest and professional opinion about various works in order to guide you through the selection process. Buying original art can be an intimidating process but not with Maryann who makes it her personal mission to exceed your expectations and enjoy the experience from start to finish. If you aren’t in the market to take home a piece of art, at the very least visit Pousette Gallery while in Vancouver as the breadth of their colorful collection will most certainly brighten your day!

Z. Thompson, Boston, Massachusetts.

I will never be able to thank you enough for giving your time to us this afternoon. I have been under a spell ever since . I was so happy to see a gallery that holds such deep passion. Your gallery is filled with amazing talent and work. Thank you Maryann. i wish you a magnificent continuation inspiring the public . 

N, Prieur, Montreal, Quebec

Don’t miss the contemporary Canadian art and spectacular view at the rooftop Pousette Gallery. South Granville Street still boasts the city’s highest concentration of galleries in Vancouver.

Vancouver Sun

I walked into this somewhat hidden gallery and discovered a treasure trove of awesomely beautiful paintings by Canadian artists. It was mesmerizing and wished I could buy it all! Well worth a visit.

S. Sauvageau, San Fransisco, California

What a refreshing gallery with vivid intriguing paintings in a bright airy space where even browsing is appreciated!

L. Christianson, Vancouver, B.C.

Pousette Gallery is a refreshing and wonderful gallery with a collection of art to suit many tastes. Maryann has a tasteful eye for both beautiful and also unique art from Canadian artists, many of whom i was not aware of until visiting her gallery. She has built strong relationships with the artists she represents and as such she gets some of their best work. Maryann’s collection showcases a range of sizes and pricing, so there is something for everyone. She brings a very personal and friendly touch to your visit. A hidden treasure, well worth visiting when you’re on South Granville!.

L. O’Brien, North Vancouver, B.C.

Pousette Gallery is my favourite of the Granville Art Walk. Maryanne is such a delightful person. The downtown cityscape is worth the visit.

J. Smith, Vancouver, B.C.

On ArtWalk, just know that your gallery is outstanding. This was the most moving collection of art that i saw today.

D. Johnson, Vancouver, B.C.

I love the gallery! They have some really interesting artists displayed in a wonderful setting overlooking False Creek and the north shore mountains. The proprietor Maryanne is knowledgeable, personable and passionate about her gallery ... opening it a few years ago simply out of love of good art and wanting to share that with friends, both old and new. 

R. Baker, Vancouver, B.C.

Armed with a booklet showing art galleries in Vancouver my husband and I visited several over a couple of days, but once at the Pousette Gallery on 6th near Granville (the entrance to the 4th floor gallery is not that obvious but it's well worth persevering) we got no further. The owner, Maryann, was most enthusiastic and informative about the paintings, and also the artists which she hand picks. Her gallery has a broad range of excellent Canadian contemporary paintings, mostly oil (she greatly prefers that medium and it certainly works for us) by artists from right across the country. For at least one of the very well-known artists from Eastern Canada, who displays widely in the Eastern US, Pousette is the only gallery in BC that carries his work. Maryann was also most helpful and accommodating in choosing the frame that fitted our decor. We highly recommend a visit to this gallery, at the very least you will find it a most pleasant experience.

M. Bradshaw, West Vancouver, B.C.

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