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Our Story

It all started with a glass of wine.


Many years ago, I spotted a striking large work by Jean Claude Roy in the foyer of Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino, Canada, It was love at first sight.  After admiring the work for quite some time, I made note of his signature and tucked it away for future reference. I was determined to own a work of his one day. But then, as usual, time got in the way.


In 2013, I was visiting Newfoundland on a family vacation. I remembered Jean Claude Roy so made arrangements to meet him. After viewing his stunning collection of art in his home and studio, I suggested that he make his work available to art lovers in western Canada. I offered to find a suitable gallery in Vancouver to represent him.  


After exploring Newfoundland, we returned to Jean Claude for a second visit. Over a glass of fine French wine, I proposed an outlandish idea.  Would he consider being my first artist if I were to open a gallery? It was a rather bold suggestion, but I adored his work and felt that Vancouver needed to experience his work firsthand. Fortunately, after some contemplation, Jean Claude and his wife Christina embraced the idea. 


Voilà!  A few months later, we opened the doors of Pousette Gallery in the heart of Vancouver’s art district. We modified two stunning roof-top lofts overlooking Vancouver in the iconic WSix building.  We gathered a remarkable group of accomplished Canadian artists from coast to coast and were delighted to be representing their beautiful work. Thanks to Jean Claude, we were inspired to embark on this adventure!


In 2017, we moved to the UK as my husband Martin was starting a PhD at Oxford. Given the challenge of managing the gallery from afar, I reluctantly closed the doors of Pousette Gallery but decided to transition the gallery to 100% online. Now, I am delighted to represent the same great artists and their work. This endeavour now allows Pousette Gallery to showcase artists and their works to a much broader audience in Europe and around the world.


I simply LOVE art and want to share that passion with others. I have been an art enthusiast since my university years, first splurging on an original work while backpacking through Europe, despite a shoe-string budget. Original artwork has added personality to our home and work spaces and has given us much enjoyment. We suspect it will do the same for you.


Designers and decorators often state that original art transforms an ordinary space into the extraordinary. I agree. Original art adds an element of personality and character to a living or work space. Additionally, hanging original art is like cutting a window into your wall and having the luxury to choose what you view every day. Original art can elicit feelings of happiness, evoke emotions and trigger memories. 


Pousette Gallery is a boutique art gallery. We specialise in providing art-lovers with a beautiful and specially curated selection of original works. We work closely with our clients and the artists to find that perfect work.  Contact us if you are interested in a new piece of art. We will present you with new works by the artist and you can decide...  At Pousette Gallery, we provide personal and professional service. We want you to enjoy the experience of finding that perfect piece. 


Maryann Pousette Gebauer, B.Sc. MBA

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