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Show us your wall

Not sure if a particular work will suit a space in your home or office?

Send us a picture of your wall and indicate the artworks you are interested in. We will send you a mock-up of your space with the artwork(s) superimposed to give you perspective on size and colour. This technique has allowed many customers to proceed with confidence in selecting their work.

Photo instructions 

Please keep the following points in mind when taking photos of your space:

  1) Take the photo as far back in the room as possible;

  2) Take the photo at the level of where the photo will hang (eye level) so you may need to crunch down a little;

  3) Remove everything from the wall (i.e., pictures or mirrors); and

  4) provide a measurement of the length and width of the space and/or furniture (bed, sofa etc.) in the room.


With your photos, we will provide you the best mock up possible.

Anchor 1
Living room with Jean Claude Roy options
Living Room Bare.jpg
Living Room 3.jpg
Living Room 1.jpg
Living Room 2.jpg
Bedroom with Leanne Christie
Photo 2.jpg
Leanne Christie Mockup for Judy_Page_2.j
Bedroom with Denis Chiasson
Stuart - Master Bedroom Cleaner.jpg
Stuart - Master Bedroom Cleaner Chiasson
Living room with Jean Claude Roy
Mockup for Sean Galgay.jpg
Mockup for Sean Galgay2.jpg
Living room with Roger Ricard
Above Fireplace.jpg
Above Fireplace - Ricard.jpg
Stairwell with Nicole St-Pierre
Stairwell - Nicole St-Pierre.jpg
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