Pauline Paquin


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Pauline Paquin

Pauline Thibodeau Paquin is a Quebec artist born in St.Monique (Mirabel) in 1952. A figurative naïve painter with an acute sense of observation, an eye for detail and an explosive colour palette, Pauline T.Paquin is essentially self-taught. Pauline is a mother of three sons. Family has always been a priority for her. She is a figurative artist with an acute sense for observation. Her paintings most often feature the movements and activities of children. Her work has gained international recognition and is described as a whimsical translation of the imaginary, spontaneity, and simplicity of childhood. Every piece of work is an expression of liberty and joy for life. There is always evidence of the effortless enthusiasm of children. The omission of facial features allows her audience to easily be drawn into the paintings – into magical moments of the children’s universe. Either actual or fictitious, the scenes invite viewers back to their own childhood. A trained nurse, Pauline always showed a deep interest for oil painting. In the 1970s her scenes, out of an idealized vision of childhood, rapidly found an audience within all strata of society and helped popularize art in Quebec. She became a full time artist in 1979. Her paintings are often adorned with collages and the faceless characters that inhabits them. Her works are present in galleries and collections throughout Canada and beyond. Canada Post has recognized her talent and has issued in a stamp to commemorate the 50th anniversary of UNICEF.

“Children live, think, and play in a world that is theirs only. the things that surprise us as part of their daily ritual remind us that we need to adapt ourselves and understand them and most importantly love our children for who they are. “

Le Balcon d'art, St-Lambert, Québec
Kathleen Lsverty Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
Loch & Mayberry Fine Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kaspar Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Master S Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
Alex Fraser Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
Musée Marc Aurele Fortin, Montreal, Québec
Bell center, Montreal, Québec
Hockey Hall of Famé, Toronto, Ontario

In Galleries:
Le Balcon d'Art, St-Lambert, Québec
Galerie d'art Iris, Baie St-Paul, Québec
Facettes Langdon, Burlington, Ontario
Galerie Pauline T.Paquin, St-Sauveur, Québec
Pousette Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
Tutt Street Gallery LTD, Kelowa, B.C.
Latitude Gallery Calgary, Alberta