Our Story

It all started with a glass of wine.

Years ago, I spotted a large and stunning work by Jean Claude Roy in the foyer of Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino, B.C. It was love at first sight and I was determined to own one of his works one day, but time got in the way.

In September 2013, we visited Newfoundland and while there, made arrangements to meet Jean Claude Roy. Meeting him and viewing his stunning art collection triggered a response in me. I felt that his work needed to be more accessible to art lovers in western Canada, and I was determined to find a suitable gallery in Vancouver to represent his marvelous work. A few days later, after mulling over various options, we returned to Jean Claude Roy’s studio for a second visit. Over a glass of fine French wine, we proposed an outrageous idea. We were going to open an art gallery ourselves. And would he consider being our first artist?

It was a rather bold suggestion, but we adored his work and felt that Vancouver needed to experience his work first hand. Jean Claude took a couple of weeks to consider our suggestion, but fortunately, our far-fetched idea was embraced by both he and his wife Christina.

Voilà, here we are representing many gifted Canadian artists and their beautiful work. Thanks to Jean Claude, we were inspired to embark on this new endeavour! I have been an art enthusiast since my university years, first splurging on an original work while backpacking through Europe, despite my shoe-string budget. Since then, my husband and I have regularly added to our modest collection.

We simply LOVE art and we want to share that passion with others. Putting original art on a wall is like cutting a window into your living space and having the luxury of choosing what you view. It’s completely your choice!

We are delighted to work alongside both the avid collector and the art novice. Beautiful art has enriched our lives and warmed up our home and work space. We suspect it will do the same for others.

Maryann Pousette Gebauer B.Sc., MBA